Sunday, January 26, 2014

I love weekends

There are too many reasons to list why I love weekends but one of my top 2 reasons is having Mike around more. It's so nice to spend time together AND to have a little, no, a lot more help with Wes! He's amazing, seriously. Putting him to bed, changing poopy diapers, chasing after him, feeding him, playing with him in the back seat when we randomly decide to take a mini road trip for the day. What a catch! I'm pretty dang lucky!


Back to weekend talk. We really have been trying to maximize weekend time around here lately. It's so easy to let the time slip and look back at the weekend on Sunday night and feel "blah". I love having some sort of goals or things we want to accomplish or do. It helps us to enjoy our time together more and we actually get out and do things! I like getting out and doing things.

This weekend the waves here were ridiculous! On Saturday the waves at Mavericks were 25 feet+! When we were looking at the surf report it said "good to epic". Not even kidding. So they had a huge competition there Friday, which we missed, unfortunately. But we drove down Saturday and just hung out at the beach and watched some people try to surf the massive waves there. It kind of scares me even thinking about being out there when it's that big. It was fun to watch though. We've been wanting to come down and see this happen since we moved here so we HAD to go!

I took pictures with my nice camera but I am SO lazy and don't feel like plugging it all in, looking through and finding the good ones then uploading them. So you get iphone pictures which still capture the weekend, just not as pretty.

The truth behind this picture was that I took him away from playing with all our neighborhood dogs to get him dressed and ready for church. He would do anything to play with those dogs! I've never seen a kid get more excited about anything else, probably ever! 
Every Sunday, without fail, this kid falls asleep on the way home from church. I take a picture every week.
We went on a walk this afternoon and let Wes run wild at the field on our way home. This kid was in heaven. 
These two are from Instagram. Follow me (Wes really) @ashclark. I probably post too many pictures but people get over it and still want to be my friend.

How cute are these two together? I'm one lucky girl! I love these boys!

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