Monday, March 4, 2013

Christmas was how many months ago?

When Wes was 2 weeks old we flew to Denver for Christmas. We had so much fun spending time with both sides of our family. Since I have about 5 minutes before Wes wakes up from his nap, I'll skip ahead to pictures and let them explain our trip.

I can't believe how teeny he was.

Mom and Trev's first time meeting Wes.

Mike is so happy we had a boy. He can't wait until Wes can wrestle like this.
We got to hang out with Allison. Wes loves her.
Niki came to visit too. It was so great to catch up! Love you Nikis!

Britt "surprised" us and came for 2 days. It was the best.

Jas needs a baby.

Christmas is the best!
I can't get over how tiny he is. I want that little nugget back! Laura needs a baby too.

So happy we got to see my cousin Teisha at the baby shower!

Aunt Mary is the cutest.

Jen holding my little tiny man.
We were able to do Wes's baby blessing while we were out there with all my family. 

I love that the cousins wanted to hold Wes. They were so cute with him! Riley kept calling him "baby weth" and David called him "West David".

Dad's first time meeting his first grandson. Wes was over it.
My birthday was the best. So happy I could spend it with these girls!

This doesn't quite capture Wes's cuteness enough. He was so dang cute every time Mike would burp him. He was seriously as big as Mike's hand.

We had an amazing trip and got to see all the people we love the most!