Monday, November 18, 2013


I really love Sundays. It's so nice to have Mike home and spend time with him. Not to mention having a little extra help with Wes is always nice. Yesterday Wes seriously ate so much sand I thought he might explode. The good news is he didn't. The other good news is he took a 4 hour nap today. Maybe I should feed him sand more often.

After a little lunch Mike and I took Wes on a walk around Mill Valley. We really love living here. There are so many beautiful places and amazing things to see. Here are a few pictures of our walk today.

There actually was a little trail we could have taken but sometimes when we get the Bob (stroller) out, we like to go all out and take it off roading.

We Hiked around Muir Beach last weekend and it was one of the prettiest Hikes I've ever been on.
You can't really tell but that's the ocean.
I love this next one of Wes. He does this funny thing where he makes sort of like an elephant noise. He's doing it in the picture. Perfect timing. And I remember Mike was trying to have a really deep conversation with me about what we should do with our lives and what our next steps should be. As you can tell, I was really into that conversation.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Beach day!

One of the best things about living in California is being so close to the beach. Mike bought me a wetsuit and booties for our anniversary and I'm finally getting some use out of them. Last weekend we had a friend watch Wes while we went out surfing. We had so much fun. It was our first time going out together and it was perfect. The water wasn't too cold, the waves were just the right size, it wasn't that busy AND I actually caught waves. Yes, plural. More than one. 

So we went again this weekend. There wasn't as much surfing involved because we had Wes but we still got out for a minute. We met our friends Sam and Regan there and their adorable little boy Duke. He's exactly 2 weeks younger than Wes and really couldn't be cuter. Here's what we did all day...

Wes ate lots of sand. So I'm excited to change his diaper in the morning. 
Regan and little Duke!
Wes and Duke. Yes Wes is in his jammies. And yes they are adorable together.
Give me that baby Duke! I could snuggle that baby all day!
I love when Wes sits on his little feet like this.
Two little dudes found a new playground.
Such a cute family! We love these guys!
Really Duke? You're a sweetheart.
And it was a perfect day.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Etsy Bloopers

Lately I've been making Wes model for me for my Etsy shop. It's kind of hilarious. I only post the close up shots because it shows the detail of my things but some of the outtakes are pretty funny. I need to share.

First of all. Sorry Wes. I needed a model and I know this is for GIRLS but I couldn't help it. This is how he really felt about it. Really mom? Sorry buddy.

This boy and his faces. He kills me.
Probably some of my faves here..

 Two of the cheesiest smiles you'll ever see...ever. And some awful photography. It's so hard to get the lighting right. Not to mention, I'm chasing this little guy around and trying to get him to sit in a chair or look up at me. Let's just say, I take a million pictures and end up with 1-2 usable ones.

This shows how classy we really are. Put this boy in his diaper, you can see his little bandaid from his shots. Classy, I know.
 He was sick this week. Super sad and hard. You can see his nice stream of snot. Very adorable.
And lastly, my favorite little face. If you haven't met this little man, you need to come visit us. He is a sweet little boy!