Friday, June 7, 2013

Just reminiscing...

I am trying so hard to organize all of my millions of pictures. While I was doing this, I came across some great pics. Just thought I'd share my amazing findings with you all...

That one time we went on a road trip

And Steven threw up in Walmart

Young love

The first day I told Mike I loved him

Our adventure through the Narrows in Zion

Shout out to my sis for always 3rd wheeling it while I was dating Mike. How did I get such a great sister!?

So many fun memories with this girl!

Jas right before his mission and Trevor before puberty, of course. 

Our neighbors who we loved so much. We also tried to convert them  so many times. It never worked out. 

I'll always be grateful for this guy!


Jas was always up for a photo op. we need a caption for this?
That one time we found out Mitt was coming to Denver and I ditched all of my afternoon classes so we could drive down to see him. 

Britt met me in Denver and hung out with me and Mike all weekend. This was the first time I met Mike's family and I made Britt come with me. Again, best sister ever!

We used to have parties at our apartment and we made everyone give us their phones as they walked in. Don't ask me why. Check out those sweet phones though. 

Baby treasure. 

Love you Ambs!

Jas getting all serious in his new mission suit.

That one time me and Britt "worked" at Baskin Robbins together.

Jas found some motorcycle handlebars on our hike. Naturally he did this.


This is why I love her.

We went to every Format concert.

Corey looking super white trash.

Jas, the creeper.

Jason's cute face as he read where he'd be serving his mission for the first time.

Listening to The Format all summer and driving around in the stallion. 

Babies. Jason's mission farewell.


My beautiful aunt and little Harry.

One of our first pictures together in the Tabernacle. 

I miss when Trevor was a baby.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

happy 1/2 birthday!!!

How is this possible? How is he already 6 months old? We are loving every minute we get to spend with this crazy little guy. I took some fun pictures of him the other day and he was cracking me up the whole time. He loves biting/sucking on his lower lip. He would NOT stop while I was taking pictures of him. 

Happy 1/2 birthday little Wes!