Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy due date, Wes!

Yesterday was the big day we had been waiting for for 9 long months! Wes decided to surprise us and come a little earlier than expected. We were definitely not expecting it because I wasn't showing any signs of early labor but we were more than excited to have him arrive 5 days earlier than planned! I want to write a post about my birth story but that's going to have to wait until I actually start getting some sleep at night and can piece together the details. I just wanted to quickly share some pictures, because I have at least a million on my phone and have been dying to share with the world. 

First, I woke Mike up in the morning with little Wes laying by him and had to get some snuggles in before he left for work. As I laid Wes down by Mike, Mike started cracking up and wouldn't stop laughing. Mike NEVER remembers his dreams so I had to wake him up and see what the heck was so funny. He was having a dream that he was playing soccer and Wes, Grammy Lisa and I were all watching him play. He came over to the sideline to say hi to us and give Wes some snuggles. He handed Wes back to Grandma and Wes just stuck out his tongue and started licking her all over her face. Ok, maybe it doesn't seem like that funny of a dream but seriously Mike was laughing so hard he was crying so I was laughing so hard I was crying and Wes was just laying there like WHO THE HECK ARE THESE CRAZY PEOPLE!!?? it!

We have had way too much fun these past 5 days. Everyone always told me that a love of a parent is indescribable. Totally is. I never knew I had so much love in my little heart. I also never knew I could love Mike any more than I did before Wes came. I love him at least a million times more and honestly couldn't ask for a sweeter guy to love me and my baby. I have never laughed as hard with him as we have since Wes has been here. Even though he's such a tiny little babe, he seriously does the funniest little things and we have laughed until we cried at least a few times already. I don't even know what we're going to do when he actually starts talking. 

Here are some pictures to help you understand my love for our newest addition, hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

10 minutes old and he had already stolen our hearts!

Mike could NOT get enough snuggles!

I have a million pictures of this little peanut yawning!

One of the only pictures of me and Wes at the hospital. I look good huh!

Daddy was so stinking tired. Look at those blood shot eyes. Such a cutie!

There are not a lot of things cuter than a little swaddled up babe.

Little arm snuggle.

He obviously wasn't as excited as we were to go home!

But then he realized that he really loved his car seat. 

Little feeties

So grateful to have Grammy Lisa here! (Mike's mom) So nice to be able to get in the shower and not have to worry about anything!

One of the little onesies I had to add a tie to. Wes is a little embarrassed about it I guess. 

I just love him.

Figured out that Wes got my little nose. 

Wes's little twinner nose. He has Mike's ears and I seriously think it's the cutest thing EVER!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Adventures

Mike and I have been trying to cram everything in before baby comes..including a camping trip this weekend. Mike has been wanting to go camping since the last time we went back in August. There are so many amazing camping spots within 30 minutes from our house that we just have to take advantage of being so close while we can. It had been raining like crazy here since Thursday and hadn't stopped for one second the whole day on Friday. We were determined to go though. I had all of our stuff packed up and ready to go when Mike came home. We got to our spot and set up the tent in the pouring rain. It literally didn't stop raining the entire night. I didn't even get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night because I didn't want to get wet. That's kind of a miracle because lately I have to get up at least 3-4 times each night because my bladder is the size of a pea...maybe smaller. Have I mentioned lately how much I love being 8 1/2 months pregnant???

I just love the weekends with Mike and I love it even more when we turn off our cell phones and just spend time together. Since it was raining and already dark by the time we got into our tent, we just laid there and talked all night until we fell asleep. It was perfect. Mike made me some amazing hot chocolate in the morning and we headed down the road and walked along the beach for a while. I loved every second of it.

Saturday night Mike surprised me by taking me to the city to a concert. On the way there, I literally thought I was going to have the baby on the Golden Gate Bridge. I was having the most uncomfortable contractions ever. We got to the parking garage and sat in the car for at least 20 minutes until I felt normal again. In a way, I really would have loved to have the baby Saturday night. I don't have much more room in this belly and the baby is getting so big I'm uncomfortable at least 100% of the time. 2 weeks to go.

Anyway, here are some pictures from our camping trip :)

hi belly

he's the cutest

can you tell which side is mine?

evidence that it was still pouring rain when we woke up in the morning

we love the drive home from Stinson Beach

And this is a picture a little girl at the preschool I work at drew of me today. It's me holding baby if you couldn't tell.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Suspender Onesies

I made these cute matching onesies for a girl at church who is expecting twin baby boys. I can't even imagine! Of course I found the idea on Pinterest but couldn't find a tutorial anywhere so I just made it up as I went along. It was super easy but because I'm so new at sewing these little things probably took me 4 hours. 

The supplies

Monday, November 12, 2012

DIY lace collar

I have been getting so bored of all my "maternity" clothes lately. I bought this shirt when I was just starting to show and have worn it a lot. It's been nice to just buy shirts a size or two bigger and wear somewhat normal clothes during my pregnancy. I think that has made it a little easier. I cannot wait to wear my old clothes again though. So soon! So here's a before and after picture of the shirt I refashioned to make it a little more exciting. All I did was bought a yard of lace at Joann's and cute buttons and sewed them on. So easy!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mike's excited about baby

I have the cutest husband! Every day when Mike comes home I get a little love then he goes straight for my belly and wants to feel and talk to baby. The other day he said, "Ash we never need to have pets. This kid is going to be so cool. I can't wait to play with him!" He tries to teach him tricks. So far he's "taught" him high five and pound. I can only imagine how cute he's going to be when our baby boy is actually here. 

The sweet ladies at church threw me a baby shower last Saturday. It was so fun to get to know some of them better. It's hard to try to get to know people at church because you're kind of always on the go and when church ends all I want to do is rush home, eat and take a nap. Anyway, I came home from the shower and Mike helped me bring the gifts inside. We put them all in baby's room and it made us realize how soon baby will be here. So crazy!

In other news:

-I found a new favorite ice cream place

 -I voted 
-This is the fabric we're using for the baby's room 

 -I made these cute baby toms with my mother in law when she came to visit last month

 ...and I might just have an obsession with cute tiny baby shoes

 -I LOVE Mike and I love spending Saturdays with him :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Playing Catch up

I always told myself I wouldn't start a blog until I had a baby. Don't ask me why. Well, now that the little nugget is on his way I better get started before it never happens. I'm 34 weeks pregnant and feeling like it now too. I can't believe baby boy will be here in less than 6 weeks (I hope!) In the meantime, Mike and I have had so much fun getting ready for him. I've busted out the sewing machine and made a few things for him and we're finally starting to get his little room put together. As excited as we are for him to come, we're also enjoying our last little bit of time just as a family of two before he comes. 

I've been going through my pictures lately and feel like this is a great place to share. I don't always get around to posting them on facebook so maybe I'll be better about getting them up on here. Mike hates facebook and he also usually hates taking pictures.'s an update of our lives the past year or so through pictures..because that's always much more exciting than words. 

The benefits of being in Colorado the past couple years: Family always came to visit!

I got a new sister..and we love her!

Mike and I bought a new tripod for our Camera and had fun testing it out!

 See? Sometimes Mike gets grumpy about taking pictures!

Mike and I spent our Valentine's Day weekend in Estes Park

I found out that I'm pregnant! I'm due December 4th!

The morning I found out. I sent this picture to Britt 2 seconds after I woke Mike up at 5:30am! I think Mike was still half asleep.

 Mike is obviously STOKED about baby!

We saw his cute little profile at week 13. He's adorable!

We bid on this house and got it..but then had to back out because Mike got a job in San Francisco and not in Denver like we had (sort of) planned.

I finished my second year teaching with Teach for America at a Charter school in Denver.

I miss my little buddies so much already!

We visited the Saumwebers in Arkansas

Mike quit his job in Denver in June and didn't start his new job here until the first week of July. So, what did we do? We squeezed in a trip to Costa Rica.

For some reason Mike loved to put my sunscreen on like this

Britt and Ben Graduated from BYU-I

Trying really hard to show off my baby bump.

I love these babies!
Aaaand..last but not least, we moved to San Francisco in July
Mike drove the moving truck and I drove the Subaru and followed him. We bought walkie talkies and had fun talking like truck drivers to each other for our looooong drive :)

We live just north of the Golden Gate and go into the city almost every week for a date. 

Shannyl came to visit. I love her!

Mike just recently bought a wet suit. He's so excited to surf he just needs a board.  

Aaaaand baby's still growing.

This is where me and baby go on walks a few times a week

It'll be nice to be able to look down and see my knees again soon. For right now all I see is a big belly.

I love this place. It's so green. My favorite walks are when there's fog outside like this morning. 
In Bodega Bay. We love driving up the coast and exploring.

And I'm officially huge. 6 weeks to go..but who's counting?