Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mike's excited about baby

I have the cutest husband! Every day when Mike comes home I get a little love then he goes straight for my belly and wants to feel and talk to baby. The other day he said, "Ash we never need to have pets. This kid is going to be so cool. I can't wait to play with him!" He tries to teach him tricks. So far he's "taught" him high five and pound. I can only imagine how cute he's going to be when our baby boy is actually here. 

The sweet ladies at church threw me a baby shower last Saturday. It was so fun to get to know some of them better. It's hard to try to get to know people at church because you're kind of always on the go and when church ends all I want to do is rush home, eat and take a nap. Anyway, I came home from the shower and Mike helped me bring the gifts inside. We put them all in baby's room and it made us realize how soon baby will be here. So crazy!

In other news:

-I found a new favorite ice cream place

 -I voted 
-This is the fabric we're using for the baby's room 

 -I made these cute baby toms with my mother in law when she came to visit last month

 ...and I might just have an obsession with cute tiny baby shoes

 -I LOVE Mike and I love spending Saturdays with him :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Playing Catch up

I always told myself I wouldn't start a blog until I had a baby. Don't ask me why. Well, now that the little nugget is on his way I better get started before it never happens. I'm 34 weeks pregnant and feeling like it now too. I can't believe baby boy will be here in less than 6 weeks (I hope!) In the meantime, Mike and I have had so much fun getting ready for him. I've busted out the sewing machine and made a few things for him and we're finally starting to get his little room put together. As excited as we are for him to come, we're also enjoying our last little bit of time just as a family of two before he comes. 

I've been going through my pictures lately and feel like this is a great place to share. I don't always get around to posting them on facebook so maybe I'll be better about getting them up on here. Mike hates facebook and he also usually hates taking pictures.'s an update of our lives the past year or so through pictures..because that's always much more exciting than words. 

The benefits of being in Colorado the past couple years: Family always came to visit!

I got a new sister..and we love her!

Mike and I bought a new tripod for our Camera and had fun testing it out!

 See? Sometimes Mike gets grumpy about taking pictures!

Mike and I spent our Valentine's Day weekend in Estes Park

I found out that I'm pregnant! I'm due December 4th!

The morning I found out. I sent this picture to Britt 2 seconds after I woke Mike up at 5:30am! I think Mike was still half asleep.

 Mike is obviously STOKED about baby!

We saw his cute little profile at week 13. He's adorable!

We bid on this house and got it..but then had to back out because Mike got a job in San Francisco and not in Denver like we had (sort of) planned.

I finished my second year teaching with Teach for America at a Charter school in Denver.

I miss my little buddies so much already!

We visited the Saumwebers in Arkansas

Mike quit his job in Denver in June and didn't start his new job here until the first week of July. So, what did we do? We squeezed in a trip to Costa Rica.

For some reason Mike loved to put my sunscreen on like this

Britt and Ben Graduated from BYU-I

Trying really hard to show off my baby bump.

I love these babies!
Aaaand..last but not least, we moved to San Francisco in July
Mike drove the moving truck and I drove the Subaru and followed him. We bought walkie talkies and had fun talking like truck drivers to each other for our looooong drive :)

We live just north of the Golden Gate and go into the city almost every week for a date. 

Shannyl came to visit. I love her!

Mike just recently bought a wet suit. He's so excited to surf he just needs a board.  

Aaaaand baby's still growing.

This is where me and baby go on walks a few times a week

It'll be nice to be able to look down and see my knees again soon. For right now all I see is a big belly.

I love this place. It's so green. My favorite walks are when there's fog outside like this morning. 
In Bodega Bay. We love driving up the coast and exploring.

And I'm officially huge. 6 weeks to go..but who's counting?