Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

These past few days have been so lazy and slow. I've loved every second! We spent Christmas with some of my side of the family out here in the Bay Area and it was so much fun. We all got sick so we've just been taking it easy these past few days. I'm also recovering from realizing how much I miss being close to family. I love spending time with my family  (both the Clarks and Sandrys) and after having some of them out here for Christmas I realized how homesick I really am.

We love everything about being here except for the fact that we don't have any siblings or parents in the area. Soon enough though we'll be closer to family. For now we will love every second we are here and soak up this beautiful place we get to call home for who knows how long. 

Today we hiked along the 1 near Stinson Beach. Here are some pictures.

Our first time using this sun protector thing with our hiking backpack. It lasted about 5 minutes.
Because all Wes wanted to do was poke his tiny little head out and laugh at me. This boy is so funny. I could kiss his little face all day.

The prettiest views.
How fun would it be to stay in one of these cabins right off these cliffs!? 
And then Wes was silent and I saw his little arms turn to noodles.
He didn't even wake up when Mike took the backpack off. 
He stayed asleep our whole windy drive back on the 1. We stopped at in-n-out and ate in the car while Wes slept. 2014 has been good to us so far!

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