Saturday, September 21, 2013

Finally printing photos

I'm horrible at printing my pictures. We have taken some fun ones this summer and I'm finally getting around to looking at all the cute pictures on my camera. Here are a few of my favorites
Wes and his girlfriend, Claire.
He's hilarious in the bath.
Playing soccer and hanging out in Breckenridge, CO.
With husbands. Love these guys!
Wes loves this little hiking backpack.
I'm so lucky to have so many amazing sisters. 
Breckenridge, CO
Pretty much sums up our weekend together.

Always making a mess.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Some days are crappy days

Today was a crappy day.

I hate to be so negative when my life has been so amazing lately. Maybe I needed this crappy day to make me really appreciate this amazing thing I call my life.

Here's what happened today: 
1. I have to take mike to work in the morning because his motorcycle is broken (don't get me started on the subject of him selling his truck for a motorcycle)

2. Ps I kind of like carpooling because I get to see Mike more.

3. Back to complaining-I pick up the girls I nanny after school and get to their house to find that it has been broken into. I was scared and the girls were even more scared and Wes was like...uh what's happening?

4. I drive 45 minutes to pick up this adorable coffee table to replace my deadly coffee table in my living room now. Literally deadly. If Wes fell on any corner of that thing he would need stitches. Anyway, I drove 45 minutes and show up and this lady is super rude. Turns out she listed her living room set for a lower price than what she could get for it and re-listed it for a higher price before I got there but after I had already set up a meeting time. She was also forcing me to agree to buy the whole set when all I wanted was the coffee table. Geez lady. Then her boyfriend or whoever that rude guy was "helped me get it into my car". But it "didn't fit". There's much more to this story but let's just say I never want to shop on Craigslist again. (Except I already looked for more coffee tables tonight on there...crap!)

The good news is today is the day I paid off my student loans in full. Woohoo!! I only owed about $2,000 after my Americorps grants came through because I did Teach for America (a-ma-zing!) It feels great to have that worry in the past nonetheless. 

I also got 5 out of the 6 things on my to-do list done. That's pretty great for me. Especially considering the million other things that came up today. Like making another sell on Etsy, that always makes my day. I also talked to my sis, always makes my day.

Life is great, really. And when I have crappy days I end the day by taking a long shower, complaining to Mike and looking at the million adorable pictures I have of Wes. So I'll share some with you and when you're having a crappy day, maybe this will help you out...

Wes when he was about 3 months. Sleepy smiles.

Fat baby smile. One of my faves ever!!
When we walked around the Marin County Fair for at least 30 minutes and had no idea this was happening. 
Cousins pushing cousins. 
Always a classic.
His favorite outfit.
I love bathtub pics.
He knows this isn't allowed and I get death stares when I try to stop it from happening. Also that big diaper bum is adorable.
Ok my day is not so bad anymore. This picture sums up my life right now. Perfect.