Thursday, November 14, 2013

Etsy Bloopers

Lately I've been making Wes model for me for my Etsy shop. It's kind of hilarious. I only post the close up shots because it shows the detail of my things but some of the outtakes are pretty funny. I need to share.

First of all. Sorry Wes. I needed a model and I know this is for GIRLS but I couldn't help it. This is how he really felt about it. Really mom? Sorry buddy.

This boy and his faces. He kills me.
Probably some of my faves here..

 Two of the cheesiest smiles you'll ever see...ever. And some awful photography. It's so hard to get the lighting right. Not to mention, I'm chasing this little guy around and trying to get him to sit in a chair or look up at me. Let's just say, I take a million pictures and end up with 1-2 usable ones.

This shows how classy we really are. Put this boy in his diaper, you can see his little bandaid from his shots. Classy, I know.
 He was sick this week. Super sad and hard. You can see his nice stream of snot. Very adorable.
And lastly, my favorite little face. If you haven't met this little man, you need to come visit us. He is a sweet little boy!


  1. Even when he's sick he's the cutest

  2. He's so adorable and endearing in each shot! Every time I see him I want to hug him. You look cute together.