Tuesday, February 12, 2013

We love San Francisco

A couple weekends ago one of my best friends, Shannyl, came to visit us. We loved having her here. She came Saturday night and we went to dinner in the city and came home and just caught up a little. Sunday we went to church and while we were there Shannyl, being a cute little mom in training, cooked us up some amazing homemade chicken noodle soup with all the fresh veggies she found at the farmer's market. We spent the rest of the day driving around this beautiful place we call home. We have loved living here so much. 

When we moved out here in July of 2012 I thought that I was going to be counting our days until we moved back to Colorado. As much as I love Colorado, I could honestly live here for the rest of my life and be happy. I love the area we're in. We're just north of the Golden Gate in a little town called Corte Madera. It's a cute little quaint town full of happy people and green trees everywhere. 

Since we moved here Mike has been scoping out surf boards every single day on Craigslist and on the weekends we go to surf shops in the city and see if they got any used boards in that week. Mike finally found "the one" a couple weeks ago and we've spent our past two Saturdays at the beach. The first day he went out he was so cute and happy, it made my day seeing his cute smile as he waxed up his board and walked down to the water. Don't worry..I documented the whole thing like it was his first day of school. He hated it. I loved it. Oh yeah, I got a picture of every moment..except of him surfing. It was so bright and when I looked out into the water I could only see the silhouettes of the surfers so I totally lost track of where he was. Then I went to the car to feed Wes and took some pictures along the beach. When I got back Mike was getting out of the water. What the heck. So I took pictures of him getting out..haha! He wanted to kill me!

Wes was not all about the kisses.


This is one reason why I didn't get any pictures of Mike surfing. This graffiti was so cool!

For a while I was taking pictures of this guy. Turns out he's not my husband.

Oh hi!

Glad Wes was a content little babe.

Love this little guy!

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  1. Love this! Especially the "Turns out he wasn't my husband" part haha <3